About the project

The METRO Southwest Light Rail Transit line is scheduled to open in 2022 and will run from downtown Minneapolis to Eden Prairie. The line will provide many opportunities for growth, including jobs, and residential and business development. Hennepin County's Southwest Community Works, as part of a partnership, is planning for those opportunities, including station areas and surrounding amenities.

Potential station area development

  • Neighborhoods: create unique, vibrant, safe, beautiful, and walkable station areas
  • Business: promote new business and retail opportunities, bringing jobs and vitality
  • Housing: make the Southwest light rail communities a great place for all to live
  • Biking and walking: develop access to paths and walkways

Project goals

  • Stimulate economic development
  • Promote effective planning and implementation
  • Maintain and improve natural systems
  • Strengthen community connections
  • Enhance the tax base