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Bike facilities assessment

Overview of the bike facilities assessment

The assessment will help prioritize future bicycle facilities along the corridor by identifying strategic placement of the facilities at each station including parking, storage, rental, and sharing systems. It will also identify areas that need better bicycle access to the stations.

This process will provide greater definition on specific location, type and design of potential bicycle facilities. The assessment will build on past planning work which identified the need for bike facilities at and around the future stations. The goal is to improve ridership by supporting bicycle use throughout the light rail.

Assessment work is expected to begin January 2015. Final recommendations will be available by early 2016. Results will ensure that partners are providing appropriate bicycle facilities at each station and are allocating their resources in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The county will lead the assessment through its Southwest Community Works program and will complete it in partnership with corridor cities, park and trail agencies, and the Metropolitan Council.