21st Street Station

21st Street Station

Key station features

  • Green corridors, recreation and environment
  • Heritage, arts and culture
  • Important trail connections
  • Neighborhoods
  • Significant historic property
  • Significant public art opportunity

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Station overview

21st Street Station lets you escape to the Chain of Lakes and Grand Rounds, the country's longest continuous system of public urban parkways. The station is located between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles in a historic neighborhood.  

The surrounding area includes Kenwood Park, East Cedar Beach and Kenwood Elementary School.  

Future development is not envisioned around this station; rather, the focus will be on creating a neighborhood walk-up station.

Investment framework for the station

The maps and plans below are included in the 21st Street Transitional Station Area Action Plan (TSAAP), which can be found in the Southwest Corridor investment framework. Read the full investment framework.

Existing conditions - TSAAP

  • Station location
    Station location (page 5-3)
  • Land use
    Land use (page 5-4)
  • Road network
    Roadway network (page 5-5)
  • Transit
    Transit (page 5-5)
  • Sidewalk, trails and bikeways
    Sidewalks, trails and bikeways (page 5-6)
  • Sanitary sewer
    Sanitary sewer (page 5-6)
  • Water main
    Water main (page 5-7)
  • Stormwater
    Stormwater (page 5-7)

Future plans - opening day (2019) and long term

  • Access circulation
    Access and circulation plan (page 5-10)
  • Station area improvements
    Station area improvements (page 5-11)