Eden Prairie Town Center Station (deferred)

Eden Prairie Town Center Station

Key station features

  • Park and ride location
  • Significant public art opportunity
  • Urban villages

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Station overview

Town Center Station is where retail, restaurant, apartments and offices meet. Emerson Process Management has expanded to more than 1,000 employees at this location, and there are more than 3,000 medical office jobs.

The surrounding area includes Eden Prairie Center mall, Costco, Gander Mountain and Walmart. Various restaurants are also within walking distance.

Future development will be focused on the 120-acre Town Center area, creating a concentrated pedestrian- and transit-oriented community with a mix of high-density residential, commercial, office, entertainment and open space within a 10-minute walk of the station.

Construction of Town Center Station will be deferred. Foundations and underground infrastructure for this station will be constructed to facilitate adding the station after the line is in service. (Met Council, 2015)

Investment framework for the station

The maps and plans below are included in the Eden Prairie Town Center Transitional Station Area Action Plan (TSAAP), which can be found in the Southwest Corridor investment framework. Read the full investment framework.

Existing conditions - TSAAP

  • Station location
    Station location (page 16-3)
  • Land use
    Land use (page 16-4)
  • Roadway network
    Roadway network (page 16-5)
  • Transit
    Transit (page 16-5)
  • Sidewalk
    Sidewalks, trails and bikeways (page 16-6)
  • Sanitary sewer
    Sanitary sewer (page 16-6)
  • Water main
    Water main (page 16-7)
  • Stormwater
    Stormwater (page 16-7)

Existing conditions - housing data

  • Possible summary
  • Housing map
    Affordable housing map
  • Housing chart
    Affordable housing chart
  • Homestead status
    Homestead status
  • Year structure built
    Year structure built
  • Market value
    Market value

Future plans - opening day (2019) and long term

  • Access circulation
    Access and circulation plan (page 16-10)
  • Station area improvements
    Station area improvements (page 16-11)
  • Opening day improvements
    Opening day station area improvements (page 16-12)
  • Potential development sites
    Potential development sites (page 16-18)
  • Station area utility plan
    Station area utility plan (page 16-23)